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COVID-19 update 3/13/20

I’d like to update you again on a few changes we are making to our normal procedures. Let me emphasize that as a Direct Primary Care practice, we are already prepared for this situation. By now, you are used to alternative types of visits by phone, text, or email, which is what you already found convenient about our practice. In order to protect our most vulnerable, we will use this to its full capacity during this situation.

We want to make sure that the spread of COVID-19 is minimized as much as possible in our clinic as well as our community, and for that reason, we will be implementing telemedicine for ALL visits, unless they are absolute emergencies. ALL PHYSICALS, WELL CHILD, AND WELL WOMAN VISITS WILL BE CANCELED UNTIL THIS THREAT HAS PASSED.

If you are well, we want to keep you that way!

If you have an appointment in the next 4 weeks, we will be contacting you on Monday the 16th to postpone or schedule a phone visit, depending on your needs. We do have the capability for video visits, and if there is something we need to able to see (such as a rash or looking at your throat), we can do so through video chat, as long as you have a desktop or laptop computer with a video camera and access to email for the invitation.

Our previous guidelines also still stand.

1. If you are sick, stay home and implement self care (patients, see your email for guidelines)

2. If you are sick and have fever over 100.4 or feel that you need to speak to me, PLEASE CALL US FIRST. Jennifer will schedule you a phone visit with me and we can determine if you can take care of yourself at home or if we need to see you. DO NOT WALK IN TO THE OFFICE WITHOUT CALLING FIRST. ALL SICK VISITS WILL TAKE PLACE IN YOUR VEHICLE.

3. If you are having fever over 100.4 and are feeling severely short of breath or progressively worse, you may need to be seen in the ER for further evaluation. We can help you make that decision if you are not sure so please don’t hesitate to call and ask for help.

Many patients across the community are scared that they will have limited access to care because of cost and insurance issues related to telemedicine, and many practices are not set up to do this easily. We are lucky that this is already built into our system, and you NEVER have to pay extra for access to me. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and let me help you allay fears or correct misinformation. Let’s show our community what real health care looks like.

May you all stay healthy!

Dr. Kissi Blackwell

Clarity Direct Care

Please visit for updates and guidance.

As with any illness:

- stay home when your sick

- quarantine to one room/bathroom

- frequently wash hands and sanitize surfaces, door handles, light switches, etc.

- limit handshakes and hugs, use non-contact methods for greetings

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