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Dr. Blackwell

My goal is to make you and your health my priority and to remove all the obstacles that make healthcare a hassle for all of us. 

Membership Benefits

Discover the benefits of becoming a member. No copays. Virtually 24/7 access. Learn more about what is covered.

Simple Pricing

Transparent pricing so you always know what to expect. Learn more about our pricing.

Affordable, Accessible, Quality Medical Care You Can Count On
The vast majority of healthcare occurs in primary care offices. These services in and of themselves are not expensive and we believe they don't have to be. Insurance has inflated the cost of primary care and has made it unaffordable and even inaccessible to many patients. We make your health our number one priority, by removing the middle men, making care affordable, accessible, and valuable, and restoring trust, open communication, and the personal relationship with your doctor. 

Join the revolution in healthcare at Clarity Direct Care.

Simplifying Health Care


Most Primary Care Clinics

No Copays or Surprise Costs

After-Hours Access to your Physician

Virtual home visits via Phone, Text, Email, or Video

Same Day or Next Day Visits

Minimal to No Wait Times

Most Procedures and Urgent Care Included

Discounted Labs and Radiology up to 90%

Restoring trust & open communication with your Doctor

Relaxed & Extended Office Visits

Your Doctor has More Time for You & Your Needs

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