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Our Mission

At Clarity Direct Care, we're changing the face of primary care and breaking down the barriers the current healthcare environment has created between you and your doctor. We believe the doctor-patient relationship needs to be repaired by bringing an old concept into the future. You'll have direct access to your physician when you need her, with no one else in between. You'll be able to use whatever form of communication you desire, whether it be a face to face visit, a phone call, a text message, or even a video chat to access your doctor at most anytime. You won't spend hours at the office waiting for the doctor because each patient gets 30 minutes to an hour, and there will never be a "one problem" limit during your visit.


You'll save on insurance costs because we negotiate with the lab and imaging centers to give you the lowest prices for these services, often times hundreds of dollars lower than your insurance costs with the same services. We are here to advocate for you. We make your health our number one priority, and we do this by removing the middle men, making care affordable, accessible, and valuable, and restoring trust, open communication, and the personal relationship with your doctor.

Join the revolution in healthcare at Clarity Direct Care.

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